Taking a stroll through your average city shopping precinct will see you bombarded with a plethora of advertising messages. Making their particular message cut through the visual noise can be a tough prospect for advertisers and plain old billboards and static signs just don’t seem to cut the mustard anymore. Those looking to grab people’s attention might want to take a look at Smart Tint, which can be laminated onto transparent glass or plastic to act as an eye-catching rear projection screen.

    The film can be cut into any shape and applied to a transparent substrate with removable optical adhesive that minimizes reflections at the interface between the film and the substrate. This produces a display that is optically superior to a separate display behind a transparent surface and allows video, static images and dynamic messages to be projected onto the surface that are high contrast and offer wide viewing angles, even in daylight.

   Smart Tint's Smart Cling is also easily removable and the adhesive leaves no messy residue. And since it can be applied to rigid clear acrylic panels its use isn’t limited to shop windows, it can also by used to create portable displays. The Rear Projection is only part of  what Smart Tint can do.  It can also go from clear to opaque.  The Film is electronically charged so that when it is charged, the film becomes clear and when there is no electrical charge, the film is white opaque, allowing for complete privacy.