Interactive Tint

Smart Tint rear projection film comes in many sizes, shapes and designs and can be made custom for you to meet your needs.  Smart Tint rear projection film can be used outside, directly in the sunlight and does not require a specific projection angle to operate.  Intrigue projection film is a colorless or transparent material that is easily applied to any glass or acrylic surface and when projected on, gives the appearance of being holographic or floating to any text or video.

Smart Tint Rear projection film is a projection screen material that is specially made to be paper thin for all your video on glass applications. Rear projection film can be best described as a window tinting type of material that can transform your plain storefront or window into an animated digital display or an animated advertisement for your business. Rear projection or “video on glass” film is offered in many colors, with each color having it’s own unique flare and performance benefits.  White or “Accent” film is made to handle almost any media presented with it.

interactive smart film