Smart tint has changed the game .With smart tint , proximity sensors, projectors and a little engineering you can convert your existing conference room to an Interactive conference room. Contact Us and get your interactive conference room smart tint kit today !

Want a big-screen experience at home or office, but don't have room for an actual screen? Think about using a window. Of course, we're not talking about projecting an image on the side of your neighbor's house or office. Instead, it's smart tint to the rescue.

Smart Cling by Smart Tint is a brand-new self-adhesive projection material that can transform just about any translucent surface into a projection application. How cool is that? It can be used for commercial applications, such as stores and digital signage, but it also works in home settings as well.

Besides windows, it also works on glass doors -- making that surface into an opaque projection screen that can also enable privacy, all while creating a fun home or office entertainment space.

Smart Tint promises an immersive viewing experience indoors and outdoors, at the office, and in pretty much any public space.