Switchable smart window film is one of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling glass to be instantly transformed from a clear state to an opaque state, by the flicking of a switch, providing immediate privacy and security, when required. The latest generation of switchable smart window film provides a simple, affordable alternative to other 'intelligent glass' solutions.

The switchable smart window film has a self adhesive layer, on one side of the film, which makes it very easy to apply to new glass or indeed retro-fitted to existing glazed areas.

Smart Tint used as projection film for Honda Canada Dealership from Genuine Smart Tint, Inc

Once the smart window film is installed, the window film technology requires a power supply and consists of a simple on-off mode, switching from frosted (translucent), in off mode, to clear (transparent), in on mode. It does this by passing an electrical current through an LCD interlayer, in the window film, and acts as an 'electronic blind' providing control over the privacy and security in areas with glass windows and glazed partitions.

An added benefit of the smart window film is that it can act as an ideal projection screen, for presentations, whilst in its opaque state. The presentation can be displayed from either side of the film, the rear projection (facing outwards) being of the highest quality (for displays etc) whilst the traditional front projection (facing back into the room) would be of a standard suitable enough for business meetings etc. These features make the switchable film a perfect application for boardroom/conference rooms, especially where these rooms are multi-functional and privacy isn't required all of the time. A further additional benefit is the usual Solar/UV protection that films of this nature generally provide.

You may also come across the following terms in connection with switchable smart window film which are all essentially either describing the same thing or technologies that achieve the same effect:- switch glass, switch film, magic glass, SPD glass, smart glass, smart film, privacy glass, suspended particle displays.