Car Smart Tint For Car Window Glass 

PDLC Film is a well know high tech product which can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and opaque when power off.

Mostly PDLC film is using for laminating switchable privacy glass or stick on float building glass surface, It has a widely use for building and construction area, Like window and doors, partitions, displays and projections etc.

Nowadays, more and more people requires PDLC film technology to use on their private car glass. This can get them not only safety clear drive and also their privacy in the car.

Our company has developed Auto-PDLC film on car window glass, with various accessories for install the film on a car window glass or skylight, disclosed is knob switch which having high operability and a small size.



  1. With special tatic glue layer on one side film surface, Can easily stick on car glass surface direclty.
  2. Color: white, pink, green, yellow, and blue
  3. 2 control methods:
  • Instant control throught inverter with switch
  • Dimming control through regulator with knob switch