UL Smart Film Glass

It has the basic characteristics of power on transparency and power off atomization. Atomization can block the summer strong ultraviolet rays, protect the human body and furniture from infringement.

UL Smart Film Glass does not trap in heat or moisture like the traditional self adhesives and glue down applications. This will protect your glass from solar fracturing or cracking. Compared with the traditional, heavy shutters and high "smart glass", self-adhesive dimming film is a relatively convenient way to protect privacy. It is applicable to a variety of places such as family room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, offices, boats, planes, outdoor pools, conference rooms and more.

Smart Home Technology is wifi-enabled smart window film with a simple ON – OFF mode that switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (translucent). Once powered up, we can easily control the transparency of the film as needed through an app on our phone or ipad,allowing it to quickly switch between opacity and transparency.

Smart Tint Surgical Room