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Troubleshooting FAQ

Posted by Rob Rollins on 12/12/2012
Troubleshooting FAQ
Smart Cling Self Adhesive FAQ, Troubleshooting Solutions, Do's & Dont's 

The following pictures show corrosion damage to the Smart Film. When installing our material we STRONGLY recommend sealing the edges in with an Acid Free Neutral Cure Silicone.
Once edges are sealed in and the acid free non-conductive silicone has dried you can use caulk, tape, or trim for an aesthetically pleasing look.
Follow these instructions and you will not end up with any damage as shown in the pictures below

If you do not seal in all edges with our Neutral Cure Silicone you are prone to corrosion as seen below!

Q: What type of silicone should I use?
A: Only use neutral cure silicone or electronic grade silicone to seal.
Below is a description of both types
Acetic silicone sealant is acid accumulator free. It will absorb water from air to release the acetic acid gas during the curing process.
Neutral Silicone sealant has two types, including dealcoholization and ketonic oxime. It will absorb water from air to release alcohol gas during the curing process.

Q: Why neutral silicone?
A: Neutral Silicone Sealant will not corrode copper
Neutral silicone sealant is suitable for weather-proof seal of all kinds of curtain walls. We recommend using on sealing glass curtain wall, aluminum-plastic curtain wall, & stone dry hanging. In addition it can also be used on sealing between seam and metal, glass, aluminum, tiles, poly-methyl methacrylate, & coated glass. Dehydrated silicone sealant is non-corrosive. The deketoxime silicone sealant will corrode the copper, so that it can not be used on mirror. Neutral alcohol silicone sealant does not corrode copper, so it can be used on adhesive mirror. Neutral silicone sealants are used in home improvement mainly because it does not corrode objects.

Smart Tint requires at least 1/8" Inch gap to be taken off final measurements for ease of installation.  
When installing Smart Tint it is required you make sure your copper connection bus bars and wiring is not sitting on the edge of the glass.  If the wires are being strained in any way it will cause damage to the panels. 
You need to take this into consideration when signing off on your shop drawings we provide with every order.  This will confirm final measurements and wire locations.  Please allow 1/8" inch gap for tolecrance as the wires should be easily run to your power source with no strain.
The photos below show what NOT to do when installing Smart Tint.  If you're panel is too big, it can be trimmed with a STRONG PAIR OF 10" SHEERS ONLY. 

Smart Tint needs to be handled professionally when removing, unrolling, & installing.
When handling large panels of film it is required you have at least TWO people to transport and install on the glass. This will ensure no kinks will be made in the film caused by mishandling.
The following photo shows damage to the material after Installation.  As per mandatory signed Warranty forms 
"Any and all warranty claims for physical damage, electrical connection damage, cuts, KINKS, DENTS, or any other DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS OF PACKAGE RECEIPT"
"PRIOR TO ANY INSTALLATION ATTEMPT" Do not install if you notice ANY imperfections when unboxing and inspecting your Smart Tint project.  It is mandatory you inspect and test your project before any installation attempt or you will void any claim for Warranty.

Smart Tint, Inc proprietary Smart Cling Self Adhesive technology maximum width is 60" with the length virtually as long as you'd like.
If you have an oversize panel, you can butt end two panels of Smart Cling Self Adhesive for a virtually seamless Installation as seen in the photos below.
You may choose to split the oversize panel on the width or on the height side depending on the application.  Smart Tint, Inc will provide engineering time with your order to discuss installation logistics.

Smart Tint, Inc recommends you measure Beveled Edge to Beveled Edge when inquiring about a quote or completing shop drawing forms. 
When you measure your glass, make sure you measure the flat surface of your glass.  You will need to measure from beveled edge to beveled edge when taking final measurements.  It is also recommend you remove 1/8" from each dimension for a nice centered Installation. 
Here are a few photos of a Panel that was ordered with this exact size of the glass.  This panel will not function properly as it is not sitting flush on the glass.

This video shows the installation process completed with an acid free silicone to seal in the edges. Follow the steps in this video for a perfect installation

Faq Section

#1. Can Smart Tint be put in an interior pocketing sliding door that will travel 42”?
Smart Tint has specially priced packages for sliding door applications.
We have multiple options for wiring logistics to operate a sliding door. All technical questions will be addressed during engineering time provided with every order.

#2. Clarity – What is the % of clear glass when the unit is not opaque -
Smart Cling Self Adhesive White material is 90% transparent when powered on.

#3. Is it possible to get 100% blackout? If So, what %
Industry wide switchable film does not provide true blackout technology. Smart Cling Self Adhesive can be applied
to an existing tinted window to amplify the effect.

#4. Is it possible to just dim the glass?
It is possible to dim our material which will be applied to your glass.

#5. Do you have any tables showing the difference between clarity and blackout?
Smart Tint can offer you a sample kit to help familiarize yourself with our technology.

#6. What is the life expectancy of the Smart Tint, if left on for say 8 hours a day?
Smart Tint is tested for a 4million on/off cycle. Smart Tint can last 15-20 years when properly installed.
Smart Tint draws only 4watts per 10sq feet. A green product.

#7. Do you have Color Options? Or just White?
Smart Tint offers White, Grey, Charcoal Grey, Blue, Green, Red.

#8. Functionality – Is it Wi-Fi Compatible?
Smart Tint is compatible with most 3rd party home integration systems such as Crestron, Lutron, Alexa, Control 4.
Smart Tint will provide program assistance during engineering time provided with every order.

#9. Warranty? Please provide Terms and Conditions
Smart Tint provides an industry leading 5 year warranty on material burnout (yellow, cracking)
All panels are to be inspected, & tested prior to installation. Photo and video must be sent to maintain warranty guidelines.

#10. Typical Lead Time?
Smart Tint can manufacture to meet your deadlines and typically will complete an order within 24-48 hours upon receipt of final drawings & warranty disclosure

#11. Is Butt Jointed Possible?
Yes, Smart Tint can manufacture two panels to be butt ended together providing a virtually seamless install.

#12. Is a matte white finish possible when film is opaque?
Smart Tint is a frosted white finish providing complete privacy when powered off opaque.

#13.  Are there different levels of opacity?
Yes, Smart Tint has the option to be dimmable and can be controlled by a switch, dial knob, or remote changing the opacity.

#14. When it's on is it blackout or does light go through?
Smart Tint operates powered on transparent / powered off opaque.  When powered off it will block 99% of UV and sun light.

#15. What is the Max sizes possible 
Smart Cling Self Adhesive is our proprietary technology and can be manufactured to 60" on a side

#16. Do you have recommended installers or can you do installation?
Smart Tint is the direct manufacturer of the technology and does not install, however we do work with a 3rd party network of installers who have experience with our technology.  Once an order is placed we can recommend a local installer for you to coordinate with.

#17. Is Smart Tint capable of being integrated w/ Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other voice control platforms?
Yes, Smart Tint can operate with most 3rd party home integration systems such as crestron, lutron, control 4, alexa, etc.  Smart Tint will provide engineering time with every order to assist with programming.

#18. Is dimming programmable to adjust at set times or room tempatures?
Yes, Smart Tint has been proven to operate with most 3rd party timers, a temperature relays.  Please contact Smart Tint and utilize engineering time with your order to assist with programming.

#19. Does Smart Tint need to be hardwired in order to control with a Smart Phone?  
Smart Tint can operate via 3rd party home integration systems on a hard-wired or non hard-wired system.

#20. Do you have an android app?
No, However Smart Tint will work with most 3rd party home integration systems such as Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Crestron, Lutron, Savant, Control 4, etc.  We will provide engineering time with your order to discuss programming.

#21. What kind of glass do you offer?
Smart Tint can source and manufacture custom Smart Glass upon special request.  Lead time is 6 weeks and price difference is 6x the amount of our proprietary Smart Cling Self Adhesive.  Our Smart Cling Self Adhesive is applied to the outside of the glass.  This is the same material we would build inside the Smart Glass.

#22. Is it compatible with Zwave or Zigbee?
No, Smart Tint needs a pure sine wave in order to operate properly.  Alexa, Crestron, Lutron, Control 4 are all acceptable 3rd party control systems.

#23. Can you design curved glass?
Smart Tint can manufacture our Smart Cling Self Adhesive film to any shape and size.  We will require a physical template be mailed to us for all odd shaped Smart Tint panels.  We do not design curved glass.

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