All Smart Tint Sales and orders are custom and NON-Refundable. This applies to film, engineering time, and all provided electrical components. 

Installed warranty applies to customers who used a verified Smart Tint Dealer to install only. All Do it yourself aka (DIY) projects can only be warrantied on the technology pre-installation during pre-install inspection of the material as detailed in installation guidelines. 

We offer extended warranties on a per project basis. Please contact us for more details. Unless otherwise provided in form of signed contract the standard warranty applies to all  transactions in the USA. 
Material is NOT to be stored in shipping container for longer than 7-14 days upon receipt. 

All material must be inspected prior to installation as any claims of physical damage or de-laminations can not be made post or during installation. Payment and Terms of Conditions: All sales are CUSTOM and FINAL. Customer AGREES to all warranty terms and conditions policy upon payment confirmation.

Shipping: All orders can only be shipped directly to the customer who ordered and paid or an approved 3rd party approved authorized Smart Tint installation company upon customer request. All orders are signature certified upon receipt. Smart Tint recommends that if there is any major structural damage or punctures to the shipping box upon receipt that you do not accept shipment and send back to us for evaluation.
Standard Warranty Disclaimer is as follows: 
Warranty applies to material that can be removed without physical damage and shipped back to us in its original container for repair or replacement only. Warranty shall be void if installation contractor fails to use specified installation procedures and all other installation specifications. Photos of the before / after must be provided to Smart Tint within 30 days of installation completion. A 20 second minimum video clip of the project in both operating modes must also be provided. All project videos submitted to Smart Tint regardless of sender become the property of Smart Tint inc and can be used for any marketing or website product demonstration. Warranty can not be enforced until a warranty validation serial number is provided.

Here is a link to the validation form:

Here is a link to upload warranty photos and video:

Warranty does not cover :
• Failure due to improper installation
• Environmental conditions or use exceeding design standards
• Damages resulting from : vandalism, accidents, incorrect installation, inadequate maintenance, neglect, misuse,  abuse, Incorrect measurements provided by the customer
• Alternation, application, or attachment of unapproved materials and coating
• Power surges or any type of physical damage to the material or its electrical connections. 
Do NOT pop bubbles with a pin, as the film is electrified and this will result in an electric shock and permanently damage the film.

Do not store un installed material in direct sunlight as the UV light may imprint on the film and an impression of the film installation labeling that is on the finish side release liner of the technology. If storing for an extended amount of time lay the film flat on a clean table in a hermetically controlled environment {indoors only}. You may stack and cover all pieces with card board or a thick blanket as to protect against any UV exposure or physical damage. The finished side release liner must be removed within 7 days post installation on interior glass projects and with 48 hours of exterior window glass projects.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges, except in the case of defective or damaged product upon delivery.

If your package is damaged, crushed, punctured, or opened prior to your acceptance,  DO NOT accept package.

Smart Tint is custom manufactured and all sales are final.

No warranties will be enforced and no exchanges will be made if the Smart Tint film has been cut, trimmed, altered,  bent,  kinked,  dented,  nicked,  scratched, incised, gouged, gashed, scored, if the protective backing has been peeled off, or if the film is in less-than-perfect condition.

  All Videos and Photos of your project that are sent or uploaded to Smart Tint become the sole property of Smart Tint, inc. and can be allocated to any internet, web or social media platform at our discretion. An operating video of the finished product is required to honor any warranty disclaimer.

Your warranty video can be emailed to [email protected] with your order number typed in the subject line or uploaded directly to our servers at the following link

We do not guarantee the clarity or opacity levels and all material is sold as a custom application. Smart Tint is a linear technology. For best optical performance view looking straight on at the film. Depending on lighting conditions you may see a hue at an angle.

Warranty turn around time response is a minimum of 1 week  from date of package receipt unless otherwise stated.

You must carefully put the warrantied applicant film back in the original drum packing that the material was sent to you in and ship back to us accordingly. 

There is a bare minimum cutting tolerance on all material  of  3/16" or 0.1875 mm per side. 1/16" per liner foot when measuring from opposite corner to opposite corner. Any cutting discrepancies must be acknowledged with in the first 5 business days of package receipt after initial shipment from Smart Tint,Inc. has been received or date of provided shipping tracking delivery confirmation. Which ever comes first. All material is to be measured on a flat table after product acclimation to room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours and all claims must be brought to our attention PRE_INSTALLATION upon pre-install material inspection.

We make no claims to the appearance of  clarity or opacity in the installed state do to the many environmental factors.  For large projects that encompass multiple windows we recommend you install 1 piece first and wait 24-48 hours for product acclimation and evaluate in multiple lighting conditions and a static temperature of normal operating mode.

There can be no claim to any product defect after protective film has been removed from either side of product.  

1.    Warranty post installation is for customers only if the technology was installed by a recommended Smart Tint Authorized provider as this technology requires a special skill set to properly install.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Smart Tint installation project is not complete until you seal all edges with an acid free neutral cure silicone only. Smart Tint is not responsible for any damage occurring from not following our installation guidelines. Most importantly please cover the wire transition to the film with a non conductive trim or the fore mentioned Smart Film Edge Sealant. DO NOT OPERATE your Smart Tint installation until the Smart Film Edge Sealant acid free neural cure silicone in 100% cured and dry. This process could take 4-24 hours post install.

It is assumed that these warranty conditions are accepted by form of payment receipt.