Have you heard about smart glass? What about switchable Glass? No? Well, you’re really missing out on a lot.

Switchable Glass and smart glass are the same thing. The two words are interchangeable and are used to describe a certain type of glass that uses PDLC technology to control the amount of light that gets through it. PDLC film, the thing that is used to control the glass, is composed of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules.

When PDLC film has electricity applied to it, liquid crystals inside of the switchable glass align and allows light to pass through. When electricity is cut off from the PDLC film, liquid crystals are positioned randomly and block out light. Switchable Glass / Smart Glass uses a switch to apply and remove electricity from the PDLC film that is integrated into it or on top of it. That’s how the transparency of switchable Glass is controlled.

There are many companies that specialize in this type of glass and we’ve covered the services that many of these companies offer. And, we’re about to cover the services and products of yet another company.

SmartTint is one of the companies that specializes in switchable smart glass. They offer switchable, dimmable, and projectable solutions that are usable for almost all scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you need switchable smart glass for your home, car, or garage because SmartTint always has your back. It should be noted that SmartTint does not offer smart glass panes, but solutions that can be applied to existing glass.

Before we talk about the different products that they offer, we should go over the basic features that all of their products have.

Here are the features that come with all SmartTint smart glass products:

  • Highest clarity in the industry at 98%
  • Most transparent switchable privacy film available
  • UV protection at 98% +/1
  • 42% Solar Heat Reduction
  • Outstanding Tech Support
  • Multiple pieces can be configured to work together.
  • Light Control with variable solutions.
  • Available in Colors: White, Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink

Now that you know the features that come with SmartTint’s products, let’s talk about the products that they offer. SmartTint currently offers four different smart glass / switchable glass products. All of the products are smart glass related, but there are differences between them all. Two of the products are just sheets of PDLC that are applied to glass to turn them into smart glass. One is self-adhesive and the other is not. What does that mean? Well, let me explain.

Self-adhesive SmartTint

Self-adhesive Smart Cling SmartTint is a smart glass solution that is targeted towards people who aren’t interested in completely replacing the glass that is currently in their home, office, or wherever. It’s for people who just want to get the features of smart glass quickly.

The Self-adhesive version of SmartTint is a piece of PDLC technology that is sort of like a sticker. It has a sticky side that you can apply to a piece of existing glass to turn it into smart glass. It’s slightly cheaper than a full pane of smart glass, but provides all the features you’d normally get from a complete piece of smart glass.

SmartTint offers the self-adhesive solution in all sorts of colors. Like other companies, SmartTint sells self-adhesive by square feet. It seems most of the self-adhesive SmartTint colors are priced at around $85 per square foot.

If you want to get smart glass in a certain part of your home, but don’t want to go through the hassle of a mechanical install in that area, then this is the perfect solution. Self-adhesive is also great for automotive glass.

Non-Adhesive SmartTint

Non-adhesive SmartTint is pretty much the same thing as the self-adhesive SmartTint. The main differences are that the non-adhesive version requires a special type of tape to be installed and it is slightly thicker. Non-adhesive, mechanical SmartTint comes with smart tape that is used to install the SmartTint technology onto a piece of glass.

With the self-adhesive SmartTint, you can just slap it on glass. With the non-adhesive version you sort of have to lay things out before you proceed. Non-adhesive is mostly meant for projection screens, electronic blinds, white boards, and high tech window treatments. Like the self-adhesive version of SmartTint, non-adhesive SmartTint comes in all sorts of colors.


This is a smart glass product that’s pretty unique. Smartitions are smart glass partitions that can be put to use right after they get taken out of the box. If you need privacy at the office, then these are perfect.

Smartitions come with clamps that you install on your desk. After you’ve installed the clamps, you just slide the partition in and plug it into an outlet. After the smartition has power, you can get instant privacy with the press of a button. Pretty awesome.

Enclosures / Smart Cubes

If you know what a normal display case or what an enclosure is, then you can probably guess what this product is. It’s an enclosure that takes advantage of smart glass to provide you with a way to display things and hide them when you need to. Smart Cubes / Smart Enclosures do not have a listed price. Smart Enclosures are made by request and you have to request a quote to get one. So, yeah.


All of the products come with the standard things you would expect to come with smart glass. You get a button that allows you to control the transparency of the glass, and everything else needed to use a piece of SmartTint. With that being said, if you want dimmable features and things like that then it’s going to cost extra. Optional Power Control Units, dimmer systems, and mobile power converters are all something that you’ll have to add to your order if you want them.

Overall though, SmartTint offers a great selection of products and you should check them out when you get the chance. Sadly, they don’t offer full panes of smart glass. Still, they do offer the products you need to turn an existing piece of glass into smart glass. If you would like to check out all the things mentioned above, then head on over to SmartTint.com.