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SmartCling™ (Self-Adhesive)

is available in white, grey, black, yellow, pink, green, blue

Smart Tint offers Smart Cling ® Technology on all of its Self Adhesive products!

smart cling technology
A clear leap above the traditional self adhesives

Designed to retro-fit to existing glass - simply peel and stick

Smart Cling® Self Adhesive Technology is an easy to install peel away backing providing a permanent application.






Top twenty reasons why Smart Tint® is the best product for your application.

1. Our Smart Cling ® self adhesive switchable privacy Smart film does not trap in heat or moisture like the traditional self adhesives and glue down applications. This will protect your glass from solar fracturing or cracking.

2. Smart Cling ® self adhesive has a simple peel and stick backing.

3. Smart Cling ® self adhesive out gases on its own allowing air bubbles to escape.

4. Smart Cling ® self adhesive DOES NOT yellow or crack over time.

5. Smart Cling ® self adhesive DOES NOT create burn holes in your material like traditional self adhesives or glue down applications.

6. Smart Cling ® self adhesive DOES NOT void factory glass warranties

7. Smart Cling ® self adhesive DOES NOT haze the final installation and provides the best clarity industry wide.

8.Smart Cling ® Smart Tint is easy to install with a peel away backing providing a permanent application

9. Smart Cling ® self adhesive Technology is available on all of our self adhesive products. We offer 7 colors of Smart Tint in all.

10. Controls lighting and energy usage

11. Unprecedented comfort and control

12. Hypoallergenic, unlike dusty traditional blinds

13. No mechanical parts to fail

14. Reduces ongoing maintenance costs vs. motorized blinds

15. Protects by blocking 99% of UV rays

16. Compatible with existing window treatments

17. Enhances safety by preventing breakage

18. Super WOW factor!

19. Easy To install plug and play or hardwired systems custom tailored to meet your application specifications.

20. We offer a warranty on all Smart Cling ® Smart Tint products on a per project basis. Contact us for details.


  • Highest clarity in the industry at 98%
  • Most transparent switchable privacy film available
  • UV protection at 98% +/1
  • 42% Solar Heat Reduction
  • Outstanding Tech Support
  • Multiple pieces can be configured to work together.
  • Light Control with variable solutions.
  • Available in Colors: White, Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink

Plug and Play Privacy on Demand

Smart Tint turns your traditional glass into switchable glass aka smart glass. The two words are interchangeable and are used to describe a certain type of glass that uses PDLC technology to control the amount of light that gets through it. PDLC film, the thing that is used to control the glass, is composed of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules.

When Smart Tint PDLC film has electricity applied to it, liquid crystals inside of the switchable glass technology align and allows light to pass through. When electricity is cut off from the PDLC film, liquid crystals are positioned randomly and block out light.



Smart Film by Smart Tint provides a simple and cost effective alternative to other Switchable Film technologies. It is manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which makes it easy to apply to both new and existing glass (no special installation equipment required).

A simple ON - OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

The film is available in 70" x 144" and can be cut to any size. Custom shapes and sizes are available .

This unique film technology also transforms any glass into a high definition rear projection screen allowing you to display , TV images , videos and with our latest technology interactive white boards. A truly innovative product that is changing the game. .

Smart Tint Film Specification

  • Switchable film
  • Power - 120VAC
  • Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Current - 0.1 amperes per m2
  • Power - 3 watts per m2
  • Switching - less than 1 second
  • Operation - (on) transparent (off) opaque
  • Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Light transmittance - Powered On (85%) +/- 1
  • Haze Coefficient - On (3%) Off (93%)

Smart Tint Test Procedures

  • Tested over 3 million switches
  • High temperatures - >70 degrees C (over 14 days)
  • High temperature / humidity - >50 degrees C / 95% RH (over 14 days)
  • Cold temperatures - minus 20 degrees C (over 14 days)
  • UV filtering - 99% (within 1 year)

Smart Tint Features

  • Self adhesive film (peel and stick)
  • Custom cut sizes
  • Sheet sizes up to 144"
  • Film widths 70"
  • Simply apply to glass or plexiglass
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary applications
  • UV / solar protection

Smart Tint self adhesive switchable film can be simply applied to glass. Please take a look at our Switchable Film Installation Guide for further information.

If you require any further information or pricing please don't hesitate to Contact Us or Get a Quote.