Smart Tint Trim Kit

To properly install Smart Tint switchable privacy film all exposed edges and copper wiring are to be sealed to prevent damage and protect from moisture and cleaning. Use the provided specialized procedures to utilize the existing window gasket as backer material. This will secure the glass and provide a fill stop when applying the silicone adhesive. Using the Existing Window Gasket as a “Backer” for the Silicone application.

Be aware some gaskets contain petroleum based products that may leach and be absorbed by the silicone, this may cause adhesive failure and damage the technology. It is recommended to use our Neutral Cure Acid Free Silicone only to seal the edges and any exposed electrical connections. You can also remove the gasket and install a “backer rod” or similar approved material.

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Smart Tint trim conceals and covers up bus-bar wires/wiring from damage, dirt or debris.

Available in White and Black. Smart Tint trim is paintable, trimmable (easy mitre cut) and flexible for arched windows. 

For all exterior facing applications be sure to seal all edges of the technology with our Acid Free Neutral Cure Silicone Only.

Your Smart Tint® installation project is not complete until you seal all edges with an acid free neutral cure silicone only. Smart Tint is not responsible for any damage occurring from not following our installation guidelines. If edges are not properly sealed with our Smart Tint® Neutral Cure Acid- Free Silicone, water/humidity can access the film and affect the technology making corrosion which causes the film to have streaks/striations and fail.