Smart Tint Switchable Film Automotive Applications for cars, vans, buses, trucks and more.

Powered Off Opaque

Powered On Clear

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Installation Videos

Pre Cut and Pre wired Automotive Smart Tint only / with installation kit

Automotive Applications
(Smart Cling Self Adhesive)

Step 1 : Cut to fit. We send you a pre-wired piece and you cut it to fit your window.

Step 2: Install the self adhesive smart cling with the same method as demonstrated in our HOW TO INSTALLsection

Step 3: Trim to fit

Step 4: Remove the protective film on the finish side and test

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Disclaimer: Smart Tint requires power to operate in its clear, visible state. If power loss occurs you will not be able to see through it.

Smart Tint switchable film is utilized widely for transportation to provide privacy on different types of vehicles.

Bespoke Coach powered by Smart Tint switchable film.

Bespoke installs Smart Tint

Bespoke installs Smart Tint

Bespoke installs Smart Tint

Smart Tint has partnered with NASA to provide privacy on their vehicles.

West Coast Customs installs Smart Tint film for Logan Paul bus.

Velocity channel films Smart Tint

Smart Tint Client as seen on tv

Velocity installs Smart Tint film

Smart Tint Client West Coast Customs

Smart Tint Client West Coast Customs

Smart Tint® represents Smarter Garage Door

Protect your classic car collection with Smart Tint® representing Smarter Garage Door. You can project on garage door as well with Genuine Smart Tint switchable film. Smart Tint film provides privacy on demand for an excellent security and privacy solution.

Smart Tint film powered on transparent Smarter Garage Doors.

Smart Tint film powered off opaque Smarter Garage Doors.