Pop-up camper revealed for Tesla Cybertruck using our proprietary Smart Tint Technology 

telsa smarttint

The pop-up camper for Tesla Cybertruck features a smart tint window tinting, retractable solar panels and sliding doors. Tesla's Cybertruck is yet to enter production but third-party sellers have already started creating accessories for the pickup and a new pop-up camper is one of these. Called CyberLandr, the camper claims to provide the best overlanding experience for off-grid adventure camping in the Cybertruck. The camper can fit in two adults and two children and can also be folded into a smaller package to fit inside the Cybertruck’s 6.5-foot bed. When unfolded, it stands quite tall. 

The CyberLandr features a kitchen with two burners and a sink. The beds inside can be folded into chairs if one chooses to work inside if it is not convenient outdoors. A 500-watt solar panel on the roof can help power a laptop.The camper weighs 1,200 lbs dry and 1,360 lbs wet as it equips a 40-gallon freshwater tank with four-stage water filtration that can suffice for a shower. Other details of the pop-up camper include a smart tint electrochromic window tinting, retractable solar panels and sliding doors. The kitchen features heated floor, compression fridge as well as a huge sink. There are pivoting tables and free-standing chairs in work space. The chairs can act up as a recliner and bed as well that come with comfortable high density foam. The bathing room gets a recirculating shower, a compact sink and a dry toilet. 
The CyberLandr website says that all these specifications and features are currently estimates "until final production specifications are announced, and are subject to change without notice". Tesla claims that its electric pickup truck could tow up to 14,000 lbs and this is enough for a normal trailer but the pop-trailer could reduce the Cybertruck’s range by 5 percent. The full price of the pop-up camper has been pegged at $49,995. It is slated to go into production later this year.