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smart tint lexus application

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smarttint lexus

smarttint technology lexus application

smarttint lexus

Smart Tint® and Lexus work together to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving. In a video by the National Safety Council, Lexus uses Smart Tint®'s newest generation of Smart Glass Film called Flip Tint to obscure the glass of drivers while test driving a Lexus on a closed course. During the demonstration, the windshield of each car is suddenly changed from clear to opaque, completely darkening and obscuring the driver's view for 4.6 seconds, the average time it takes for a person to receive and send a text message. Within those 4.6 seconds, the drivers' inability to see through the glass causes them to crash in to various objects placed throughout the course. (Objects were made to appear as deer, a brick wall, a cyclist, etc. and were lightweight to avoid injury.) After all the destruction the drivers were asked if they enjoyed having their view obstructed...of course they did not, thus proving the dangers of texting while driving.

Flip Tint by Smart Tint® is the only smart glass film in the industry that powers off clear and powers on private. This is the reverse effect of the original Smart Tint film, which powers off private and powers on clear. While both are pivotal in contrasting applications, Flip Tint by Smart Tint® is revolutionary in the auto industry. It is the world's first reverse operating smart glass technology switchable film. Flip Tint works as a safety feature as well. By powering off clear and powering on private (or opaque), the view of the driver will not be blocked if the vehicle were to suddenly malfunction or lose power. Flip Tint does not require electricity to operate in its clear, visible state so if power loss occurs the glass will still be transparent. When off, the clarity of the glass measures at 98% compared to an obscured 33% when on. Here is how it works: Smart Tint PDLC film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film) switches from transparent to opaque instantaneously when light transmittance passes through the film by electricity supply. The film is composed of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules. When the film is powered on, the randomly aligned liquid crystal molecules stay along on the walls of capsule, the reflection of liquid crystal molecules and polymer makes light disperse, making it opaque. When electricity is removed, these molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction with parallel light passing through, changing the film to transparent.

Flip Tint switchable film can swap modes very quickly. Glass can transform from clear to private or from private to clear in less than one second making it ideal and convenient in any situation. Flip Tint applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. It can withstand temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as minus 25 degree Fahrenheit. Flip Tint smart glass technology is applied with a proprietary Smart Cling Self Adhesive film (peel and stick backing) making it suitable for permanent or temporary applications. This innovative smart glass film provides UV and solar protection in both on and off settings blocking 99% of harmful rays and also protecting the vehicle's interior against fading. Flip Tint electric film is fog resistant. This electric tint may be applied to any smooth glass surface. It can be easily cleaned with ordinary window cleaner and is durable and long lasting.

Flip Tint is also dimmable. It may be manually or automatically adjusted to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through the glass. Glass facades using Smart Tint®'s solar control technology reduces the need for air conditioning during the summer months and heating during winter. Switchable smart window film is one of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling glass to be instantly transformed from a clear to an opaque state, providing immediate privacy and security on demand. The latest generation of switchable smart window film provides a simple, affordable alternative to other intelligent glass solutions.

Smart Tint Inc. is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All Smart Tint® products are manufactured in the United States, making it possible to provide a industry leading five year warranty, fastest turn-around times and almost no manufacturing restrictions. All film is serial numbered to validate authenticity. Smart Tint offers a large worldwide network of top installers as well as engineering time for every order.