Smart Tint® proprietary Smart Cling® Technology utilized on Sliding Door Applications.

Smart Tint® offers various connection systems to correctly operate your sliding door with our Genuine Smart Tint® switchable film.

Smart Tint Retractable Wire Kit- Sliding Door Retractable Wire Cable

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Smart Tint operating on glass partition utilizing contact switches.

Smart Tint Contact Switches shown below.

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Smart Tint Contact Switches installed on sliding door.

Smart Tint operating on sliding door utilizing contact switches.

Smart Tint powered off.

Smart Tint powered on.

Additional Sliding Door Videos

Genuine Smart Tint installed and operating on a hospital automatic sliding door.

Smart Tint can operate on any sliding door application. We will provide engineering time with every order placed to discuss project logistics and wire locations.

Hospital ICU with sliding doors powered by Smart Tint Cling technology.

Sliding door application utilizing a track method.

Smart Tint Hospital ICU

We offer a complete ready to install package for all standard sliding doors up to 50 sqft of visible glass area.
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sliding door package


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