Genuine Smart Tint Installed and Operating on Commercial Skylights.
One of the best solutions is Switchable Privacy Film that solves this problem at the touch of a button. Utilizing Smart Film technology, the glass is transformed from clear to opaque with a remote that can be controlled anywhere, anytime. The ability to control the glass from transparent to frosted at any time has significant advantages.

You can benefit from the amazing view and natural light while having full control over when and for how long you want it exposed. 

Smart Tint film powered off

Smart Tint film powered on

Smart Tint worked with Titletown Tech and Green Bay Packers to provide a complete privacy option for their facility and skylight windows.

Smart Tint Client Title Town Tech

Smart Tint switchable film installed on beautiful skylight windows for residential homes. Smart Tint can work with abstract shapes and sizes.

skylight window smart tint