Another happy Smart Tint client.. from Smart Tint

wocm endorces smart tint

Bulldog from WOCM in Baltimore knew Smart Tint: "I saw that Smart Tint at the consumer electronic show, that was the coolest thing. Really cool! I've seen it on bathroom doors on restaurants, it's crazy! When you shut the bathroom door it turns white, you can't see through it and when you open it it's clear. That is so cool."


wxbr boston endorces Smart Tint

Ron from WXBR Boston wanted to know, "Wow! How does that work? Wow, OMG. That opaque thing sounds cool."


John from KOGA, "Oh wow! Smart Tint works like magic"


Danielle from KDRV in Medford, OR said "I am loving that window treatment! Your toddler cannot destroy the blinds! Its a real game changer and Smart Tint has perfected the technology!"

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