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Smart Tint Master Kit

Your Price: $299.99
Retail Price:$549.00
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Smart Tint Master Kit
Part Number: 1409-2
Smart Tint Master Sample Kit
Includes 7 pieces of 6" x 12" Smart Tint

Included with this order:
Qty: 7 pieces of Smart Tint pre wired and ready to operate
Qty: 1 Yellow
Qty: 1 Red
Qty: 1 Green
Qty: 1 Blue
Qty: 1 Black
Qty: 1 Grey
Qty: 1 White
Qty: 1 Test power control unit
Qty: 1 Specification work sheet
Qty: 1 Product brochure
Qty: 1 Installation tool 
Qty: 1 cleaning cloth
Qty: 1 cutting tool

If you would prefer a color other than the standard frosted white that we ship by default make sure to specify in the customer comments section after clicking add to cart above.  
We manufacture White, Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow,  and Green smart film.