Smart Tint, Inc Authorized Provider For Canada

Smart Tint, Inc and our Engineering team worked in tandem with our Authorized Provider in Canada to successfully design, build and integrate a fully dimmable Smart Tint system on demand. One of the reasons Honda used Smart Tint was to control the heating and cooling of the building. When the sun is straight into the windows, the system will dim accordingly. Honda also utilized the amazing projection capabilities as seen in the video below.

This particular project consist of the following features & Benefits:
- 3500sqft + of film
- 148 total windows
- 18 Zones = 18 power supplies ( custom built )
- remote access all the zones from the app or computer
- create daily schedules to have certain zones dim if the sun is directly on the windows
- integraded security system - when system is disarmed, clear all the film
- integraded security system- when system is armed away, have the film go white
- integraded security system - if the alarm goes off, clear all film
- have every other glass clear for combination of see through and white as per pictures
- 9 total 4K projectors for projecting advertising and promo ( video and pics to follow at the reveal )
- 10 cameras to view the zones remotely to see what is being projected or confirming status of the film

Smart Tint Honda Smart Film Project Canada

smart tint honda power supplies