Smart Tint® Trim Kit

To properly install Smart Tint® switchable privacy film all exposed edges and busbars/wiring are to be sealed with a non-conductive trim, preventing damage from the film and protecting it from moisture and cleaning. If electrical connection busbars are NOT sealed properly with a non-conductive trim kit, all warranties will be null and void. It is mandatory to cover the electrical bus bars with a non-conductive trim to secure and protect the electrical busbar connections to the film.

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Smart Tint® trim conceals and covers up bus-bar wires/wiring from damage, dirt or debris.

Available in White and Black. Smart Tint® Trim is paintable, trimmable (easy mitre cut) and flexible for arched windows.

Smart Tint® Busbar Trim Kit 
For use on all Trim Kits to cover Bus Bars of Smart Tint® film.


Smart Tint® is not responsible for any damage occurring from not following our installation guidelines. If edges are not properly sealed with our Smart Film® Edge Sealant, water/humidity can access the film and affect the technology making corrosion which causes the film to have streaks/striations and fail.