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Smart Tint® Sidelite Package

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Smart Tint® Sidelight - Up To 20 Square Feet
Part Number: 21945
Smart Cling® Self Adhesive® Technology
Sidelight Package

Smart Cling® Self Adhesive®
Low Voltage Technology - Up To 20 Square Feet

Qty (1) Power Control Unit for On/Off Only, or Dimming System.

Qty (1) Smart Tint Trim Kit To Conceal Bus Bar Wiring & Provide a Clean Finished Installation

Qty (2) Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant Color of choice (White, Grey, Black, Clear, Aluminum)
This Smart Tint authorized sealant is used to seal in edges of material to prevent damage to the material caused from moisture, dirt, debris, etc.

Qty (1) Engineering Time To Discuss Project Logistics Including Wiring

(Retail Cost $1,475.00)

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