Smart Tint Power Supply H100R
Includes remote control and wall switch for on/off only.
The H50R is designed to operate up to 100 Square feet (10 sq meters) of Smart Tint Switchable Film.

smart tint h100 power supply 100watt
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Smart Tint Power Supply H-100R with Remote Control/Wall Switch On/Off Only
Includes remote control.
The H-100R power control unit is extremely efficient and
designed for long term permanent installation.
The H-100R is made of fine copper material, and has a very
stable output. This 100watt unit controls up to 100 sq. feet or 10 square
meters of our Smart Tint 6th Generation Smart Film material and is constructed of a high
performance flame retardant epoxy resin casting.
The operating temperature is very low and suitable for
various environments.
The H-100R power control unit has a circuit board that utilizes a
self recovery system designed to cut the power by itself when over
loaded. This system will auto restart when over load or short is
corrected. Includes RF remote and dry contact relay input
compatible with 3rd party control systems such as crestron, lutron,
savant, dmx etc.
Rated Power: 100W
Rated Ampere: 2A
Input Voltage: AC 110-120 vacOutput voltage: AC 48-60vac VACSize: 46mm H (1.8") x 110mm W(4.3") x 179mm L(7.0")