Self Sticky Dimming Film

Self sticky dimming film can paste on existing glass directly, building your new design and decoration that save cost and time.

Self Sticky Dimming Film utilized as a multi-functional use of office. As the glass partition of the facility, it can be used as a projection screen and a white board when transparent and things outside can be seen. Self Sticky Dimming Film utilized as interior design of the house. Glass curtains, living rooms, bathroom stalls and other places can be used. At ordinary times, the glass is atomized, so that privacy is well protected; When using glass shows transparent effect, reduce visual obstacle, enlarge whole interior space.

Self Sticky Dimming Film utilized as commodity display and commercial advertisement. When the glass display window is not transparent, the goods can not be seen by people. Transparent display of goods, and the two states can be switched in an instant. Self Sticky Dimming Film utilized for special occasion use of glass compartment in bathroom and toilet: when not in use, the glass is transparent, and when in use, as long as the door lock is locked, it will appear fog. The use of secret space in hospital: baby room, intensive care unit window, etc., to reduce dust mites and noise instead of curtains. The use of dust free room: dust free room can use self-stick dimmer film to change transparency and opacity, to reduce the inconvenience of entering and leaving the dust free room by wearing dust free clothes.