Self Adhesive Smart Pdlc Film

Self Adhesive is sticky smart film for existing glass surface. PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. It is known as smart, intelligent, magic, privacy, electrochromic, light regulate, switchable or also LC liquid crystal film. Compared with the traditional, heavy shutters and high "smart glass", self-adhesive dimming film is a relatively convenient way to protect privacy. It is applicable to a variety of places such as family room, bedroom, kitchen,bathroom, offices, boats, planes, outdoor pools, conference rooms and more.

Smart glass can be made into translation doors, sliding doors, electric doors, folding doors, sliding windows, etc. Our company's switchable glass is utilized in indoor doors and windows and partition, the product is mature and stable, the application case is rich. Individuals can choose and customize the material, size, thickness and shape of products according to their own requirements.