Our NON-Adhesive Smart Tint® was specially designed to be installed with a mechanical method as shown in the video below using a 3m-VHB tape to secure in place. NON-Adhesive Smart Tint® can be utilized as a stand alone product attached to a frame with no glass or Plexiglass required.

Step 1 - Clean Glass

Step 2 - Layout and install wires (18-20 gauge thin and easy to conceal)

Step 3 - Apply 1/8" or 1/4" Smart Tint Tape across top of window

Step 4 -Attach Smart Tint to tape ( The material will hang and static cling to glass securely)

Step 5 - Remove backing from Smart Tint Trim kit

Step 6 - Install trim piece over wires for a clean finish.

Step 7 - Install Smart tint Tape on bottom of material to permanently secure to window.

Step 8 - Push material on glass starting from the top down or bottom up depending on which side you installed your wiring. Remember Smart Tint is the thickness of a credit card and static clings to the glass securely. It will not bubble up and is removable if needed.

Step 9 -Install wall mountable remote control or hard wire material into electrical wall switch or dimmer system
Be sure to check out our power control unit section for options.

Finished product

Non-Adhesive Smart Film Electric Window Tint install on palladium window.