Our NON-Adhesive Smart Tint® is thicker than our Smart Cling® Self Adhesive and was specially designed to be installed with a mechanical method as shown in the video below using a 3m-VHB tape to secure in place. It is the thickness of a credit card
and can be utilized a s a stand alone product attached to a frame with no glass or Plexiglas required. We initially designed this application for Trade Shows that required the portability of the technology from show to show without sacrificing the projection capabilities and other benefits of our technology.



Custom cut palladium window retro fit with Non-Adhesive Smart Tint EASILY installed using 3m double sided clear tape on the perimeter of the glass. The customer sent us a template and we cut to match prewired and shipped a ready to install kit. They hired a local tint contractor to install and an electrician to connect the wires to a wall mounted switch. Here is a link to the finished product video they sent us.

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