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The 344-2 NR power control unit is extremely efficient and designed for long term permanent installation.

The 344-2 NR is made of fine copper material, and has a very stable output. This 100W unit controls up to 150  sq. feet  or 15 square meters of smart tint material and is constructed of a high performance flame retardant  epoxy resin casting that is water resistant . The operating temperature is very low and suitable for various environments. 
The 344-2 NR power control unit has a circuit board that utilizes a self recovery system designed to cut the power by itself when over loaded. This system will auto restart when over load or short is corrected.
•Rated Power: 100W
•Rated Ampere: 2A
•Input Voltage: AC110 vac or 220 vac ( just let us know in the comment section at check out which unit you require)
•Output voltage: AC75V

Size: 155*90*72 mm

For more specifications:http://shop.smarttint.com/Smart-Tint-Tuned-Power-Control-Unit-_p_578.html