Interactive Smart Tint


The smart tint can be used as a rear projector and its affection is far greater than projection curtain.  

Places to install:
Exhibition hall, cinema, business cupboard, underground marketplaces, boardroom, etc.

Clean Place
The  smart  tint  can be  used  in  clean  places  like  hospital, dust-free workshop  to  replace  traditional curtain, which have function of separation and privacy protection. The smart tint is safety and solid and can kill absorbing noises. It has advantage of environment-friendly and dust resistance.

The smart tint can be used in bathroom, balcony and bedroom. When power on, all the views outside the window can be seen. When power off,  the  light  transmittance  is good and  the daylighting  is not affected and can protect privacy better.

Marketplace and Bank
The  smart  tint  can  be  used  in  bank,  jewelry  store,  museum,  exhibition  cabinet,  which  can  keep transparent when  open  and  can  switch  to  opaque  state  instantly  by  remote  controller  if  unexpected  situation happens. On  this occasion,  the criminals will  lost  their  targets, ensuring  the user's personal and property safety.

Office and Boardroom
The  sense  of  space  in  the  office will  be  bad  if  they  are  separated  by  numbers  of  walls  or  frosted glasses. But  if use  transparent glass,  the business confidentiality  cannot be protected. The Smart Tint is designed to solve the above problem. During the leisure time, the smart glass can be switched to the full light transmittance state; and during the business meeting, just a click, the negotiation area will become opaque instantly.