Eurovision Smart Tint Stage 

100% of the Smart Tint material on this stage is genuine and is being used as an interactive projection screen that goes instantly clear when energized and opaque when powered off and dimmable to provide the most amazing visual effect in the industry! "6th Generation Smart Cling Self Adhesive Smart Tint®"

This international song contest stage was created for Eurovision and is being hosted by Copenhagen Denmark. 
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Here is a video of the panel pre-testing. Each Polycarbonate plexi-glass panel shown here has 2 sheets of our 6th Generation Smart Cling Self Adhesive Smart Tint installed sided by side with all of the wiring exiting the middle of the short side . Notice the seems are almost non-existent because of the precise manufacturing process and laser straight edges.

Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music competition in the world.

The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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