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Complete system


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Part Number:7047

This purchase includes the following:

(1) Camo Tag complete and ready to install

(1) DC/AC Mobile Power Inverter

(1) 12V Plug-In On/Off button with 15 feet of cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much power is used to activate the CamoTag™?

A: Very little power is required. (3 watts) The same as an LED.

Q: What size plate covers do you offer with the CamoTag™?

A: Standard North American or Canadian automotive licence plate.

Q: Can an alternative switch be used to operate CamoTag instead of or in addition to the provided on/off button?

A: Yes. - Contact your local car audio/video installation shop.

Q: What is the temperature operating range?

A: Our products have been tested in temperature ranges from -40c to 100c with no visible variation.

Q: How quickly does the CamoTag™ respond when powered on or off?

A: 1/100th of a second.

Always check your local laws before installing any devise which is capable of completely obscuring your license plate information. CamoTag™ is intended for off-road and show purposes only.

CamoTag™ powered on

CamoTag™ powered off


Front and Back views


Simple On/Off Button plugs right into your 12V car outlet.

DISCLAIMER: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By purchasing and/or using these CamoTag™ components, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The components sold herewith are to be used only for privacy purposes while on private property and in accordance with all local, state, provincial and federal laws. The CamoTag™components are not to be used to defeat photographic law enforcement or hinder law enforcement investigations at any time. The manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler assumes no responsibility for any use or misuse of this product in violation of any laws. Product performance may vary in transparency depending on license plate contrast between background and lettering, shade and lighting conditions, extreme temperatures and method and angle of installation. Before installing this product, check your state or province and local laws and regulations. In some states, it is against the law to display on any vehicle a registration plate which is obscured in any manner which inhibits the proper operation of photographic law enforcement cameras or photographic toll collection cameras. The use of these products is for off-road and show purposes only and is intended to conceal the identity of the owner of the vehicle when in use on private property. It is not designed or intended to be used in any way that may violate any laws or conceal a vehicle's identification plate from photo enforcement cameras or law enforcement personnel. CamoTag™ will not be responsible for the use or illegal use of CamoTag™ products.