Adhesive Smart Film 

Adhesive smart film is is an easy to install peel away backing providing a permanent application. It can help the transparent glass without the function of heat insulation and shading to block the strong sunlight, and can absorb the heat from the sun, thus helping the building to save energy and reduce consumption. It is applicable to a variety of places such as family room, bedroom, kitchen,bathroom, offices, boats, planes, outdoor pools, conference rooms and more.

After the use of switchable film, the building film can effectively reflect the infrared ray in the sunlight, so the heat in the light will not be transferred to the interior, keeping the indoor temperature lower, to reduce the use of refrigeration equipment and play a low-carbon and environmentally friendly effect. Self adhesive switchable privacy Smart Film does not trap in heat or moisture like the traditional self adhesives and glue down applications. This will protect your glass from solar fracturing or cracking.

Smart Tint ® Smart Cling ® Smart Film ® Self-Adhesive Technology is available in white, grey, black, yellow, red, green, blue and other custom colors upon request, designed to retro-fit to existing glass.

Adhesive Smart Film Powered On

Adhesive Smart Film Powered Off