1. AB-7936 RMA Repairs

AB-7936 RMA Repairs

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Smart Tint - AB-7936 Panel Modifications

1. Panel #8 was cut to your specifications: 17.375" X 11.625". The returned panel has been measured, and matches your request. If you need your panel sized differently, let me know the new size.
2. Panel #11 is wired at the wrong side, we will re-make this panel for you free of charge.
3. The charge for disconnecting and resoldering your wires will be $25 per piece of film.
4. The panels that need the radius cuts and do not interfere with your busbars (panels 6,7, & 9) will be cut for you free of charge.
5. Each radius cut that interferes with the busbar will require a new single busbar mounted onto the film. This refers to panels 1,2,3,4,5 & 10. There will be a $75 per panel charge for the new busbars.

As referenced in my email, Smart Tint will be waiving all fees except for shipping & handling.