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2 Window dimmer package

Your Price: $1,399.00
Retail Price:$2,600.00
Your Savings:$1,201.00(46%)
Automotive 2 window dimmer package in grey (available in white. grey or black)
Part Number: 2 window dimmer package
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One size fits all you trim to fit!

This System includes the following:

Qty: 2 sheets of  Self Adhesive Smart Tint 36" wide x 24" tall wired in the middle of the long side

Choice of White, Grey, or Black

Qty: 1 Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (1000 watt)
Qty: 1 Voltage Regulating Dimming System
Qty: 1 Knob style switch to adjust the level of transparency
Qty: 1 Key fab remote control to operate the On/Off functionality only
Qty: 1 Installation Diagram


Grey Smart Tint Demonstration above

White Smart Tint Demonstration below

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