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2 Camo Tags
2 Piece Complete Package

2 Camo Tags

Your Price: $549.00
Part Number:7060
Watch the CamoTag demonstration video below

This purchase includes the following:

(2) Camo Tags complete and ready to install

(1) DC/AC Mobile Power Inverter

(1) 12V Plug-In On/Off button with 30 feet of cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much power is used to activate the CamoTag™?

A:  Very little power is required. (3 watts) The same as an LED.

Q:  How difficult is it to install the CamoTag™?  

A:  A very detailed Installation Guide is provided with your kit.  If you can twist two wires together and follow instructions, then you're good to go.

Q:  What size plate covers do you offer with the CamoTag™?  

A:  Standard North American or Canadian licence plate.

Q:  Can a regular switch be used to operate instead or in addition to the provided on/off button?

A:  Yes. - Contact you local car audio/video installation shop.

Q:  What is the temperature operating range?

A:  Our products have been tested in temperature ranges from -40c to 100c with no visible variation.

Q:  How quickly does the CamoTag™ respond when powered on or off?

A:  1/100th of a second. 

Always check your local laws before installing any devise which is capable of completely obscuring your license plate information. CamoTag™  is intended for off-road and show purposes only

Your complete 2 CamoTag package: 2 License Plate Frames, a Power Inverter, 30 feet of cable, and a 12V Plug n' Play On/Off button


CamoTag Front and Back Views

CamoTag Powered On

CamoTag Powered Off


Simple On/Off Button plugs right into your 12V car outlet.